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Over the past 10 years, Berndt+Partner Creality has not only given many products a face and form, but also created functional and technological added value. The market success of our innovative design and packaging makes us pleased and proud. See for yourself…

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Maggi Core Fixe – it greens so green

Natural food is on everyone’s lips, in every sense and in the truest sense. Anyone who wants to be successful in the food industry has to embrace this trend. This is true even for established brands like Maggi.


Bergader Alpenmilch – now in a sustainable guise

Sustainability is the trend. Every little sign that a brand has understood the necessity of this development and is clearly acting accordingly goes down well with consumers. Bergader is also aware of this. That’s why the popular alpine milk now looks more natural and sustainable than ever before.


Maggi Soups 2.0 – clear design for clear enjoyment

Quick to prepare and delicious: Maggi’s various soups have been welcome starters and snacks on the dinner table for decades. In order to make the pea, tomato or alphabet soup even tastier for gourmets who love efficiency at the stove, small changes with a big effect were required in terms of packaging design.

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Daily Deli Packaging Design

Around the world with a spoon. Tasting local food is one of the must-do’s for any traveler. The new Daily Deli brand builds on this concept and allows us to travel the world with a spoon right from our homes or offices.



Stick packs – innovated by Creality – are used worldwide and across all market segments



New folding box construction which enables the user to access the capsules via the wide side


Tchibo Instant

In addition to the economical packaging aspects, the focus was above all on the elegant design of the container glasses.



In developing the pictogram, the primary ingredients had to be worked out and a functional appearance created.

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Homann today

With this new product range, Homann was able to quickly win over 800,000 new consumer households.

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After Eight

The practical snack on the go in the Impulse Pack was developed during various innovation workshops.



The new, global packaging system for baby soothers from the NUK brand impresses with a lot of added value for the consumer.



Brand strategy work to the point – from logo to packaging design for the brand company Rügenfisch.


Idena PBS

B+P Creality developed the new brand + packaging design for the Idena brand for the family-owned company Iden.

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An innovative product and packaging concept was developed for the new Wagner “Rustipani” product range.

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