Success that you can touch.

Over the past 10 years, Berndt+Partner Creality has not only given many products a face and form, but also created functional and technological added value. The market success of our innovative design and packaging makes us pleased and proud. See for yourself…

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Top Packaging

Bergader’s Bavaria Blu

Comprehensive relaunch for Bavaria Blu, above all to increase the corporate brand “Bergader”

Maggi Würzquickies

Tread completely new paths with the new, very innovative product range “Maggi – Pimp my Food”

Ernst Wagner’s Original

Completely new, large-format premium pizza concept from Wagner

After Eight

The practical snack on the go in the Impulse Pack was developed during various innovation workshops.

Rügenwalder Mühlen Würstchen

Product packaging with genuine USP on the sausage shelf that revived the entire sausage market segment

Dr. Oetker Cake Topping

A new product packaging for Dr. Oetker with real USP



New folding box construction which enables the user to access the capsules via the wide side

Campari Amalfi

Camparitivo! Summer promotion for Campari

Golden Shoe

Staging of a whisky package as a valuable gift and trophy for the football fan

Wagner BäckerKruste

New design for crispy stone oven bread with extra crispy crust and hearty, juicy topping

Maggi “Ideas from the Weekly Market”

As a supplier with outstanding spice expertise, MAGGI presents itself with its brand-new “Ideas from the Weekly Market” range.


Brand strategy work to the point – from logo to packaging design for the brand company Rügenfisch.


Sonax 3L Bottle

The innovative bottle system became Sonax’s most successful new product launch.


In developing the pictogram, the primary ingredients had to be worked out and a functional appearance created.

Sonax Yellow Series

The design is based on a strictly graphic design along a pictogram guidance system.

Idena PBS

B+P Creality developed the new brand + packaging design for the Idena brand for the family-owned company Iden.

Stabilo Black Edition

The “Black Edition” from Stabilo specifically conquers a young target group with a modern attitude.


The new, global packaging system for baby soothers from the NUK brand impresses with a lot of added value for the consumer.


Theraflex Brand Architecture

B+P Creality developed a brand + product positioning and brand architecture in Russia

Aleve Bottle

Professional bottle design, even for arthritis sufferers

Aspirin Next Generation

This classic painkiller, which has been on the market for over 100 years, has been completely revised.

Bepanthen Anti-Scar Roller

A new type of primary packaging that supports the effect and dosage of the product


Stick packs – innovated by Creality – are used worldwide and across all market segments

Bayer Bottle

Shape development based on the design of the traditional “Bayer Bottle”