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Over the past 10 years, Berndt+Partner Creality has not only given many products a face and a shape, but also added functional and technological value. Being able to be creative every day and give products of all kinds the right package design is our passion. Satisfied customers are our motivation. The market successes of our innovative designs and packaging make us happy and of course a little proud. See for yourself and be inspired by our Packaging Design references. For more references and our key areas, please use the filter functions in the upper area.


Fruitajik – a special GIZ project with Tajikistan

Fruitajik is a special brand of dried fruits, vegetables and nuts from Tajikistan, THE paradise for apricots. In cooperation with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), twelve Tajik fruit and vegetable farmers have joined forces to create a B2C brand for the South Chinese, Middle Eastern and European markets to sell their sweet and vital snacks.


HiPP – Innovations for customer-friendly packaging

HiPP is one of the most popular German brands for baby accessories. With its products, the brand wants to make parenthood easier for mothers and fathers and help the little ones grow up healthy and lively. Such high demands must first be met in full – a challenge that also has its pitfalls. At HiPP, it was the packaging of the boxes – for example, for the organic combiotics and organic children’s milk products – that ran counter to the desire for simplicity. We took care of the necessary changes.


THOMY Sauce Hollandaise bottle 2.0 – a clear matter

Hollandaise sauce, which THOMY first launched on the market in 1987, is now one of the brand’s most popular products. Over the years, it has become a true THOMY classic and a must-have, especially with asparagus dishes, if you want it to be quick but still taste fresh and good. In order to highlight the brand and its increasingly important brand purpose, THOMY decided to redesign the popular Sauce Hollandaise bottle and commissioned us to create and realize the desired packaging design.


Bergader Alpenmilch – now in a sustainable guise

Sustainability is the trend. Every little sign that a brand has understood the necessity of this development and is clearly acting accordingly goes down well with consumers. Bergader is also aware of this. That’s why the popular alpine milk now looks more natural and sustainable than ever before.

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Daily Deli Packaging Design

Around the world with a spoon. Tasting local food is one of the must-do’s for any traveler. The new Daily Deli brand builds on this concept and allows us to travel the world with a spoon right from our homes or offices.



Stick packs – innovated by Creality – are used worldwide and across all market segments


Tchibo Instant

In addition to the economical packaging aspects, the focus was above all on the elegant design of the container glasses.



In developing the pictogram, the primary ingredients had to be worked out and a functional appearance created.

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Homann today

With this new product range, Homann was able to quickly win over 800,000 new consumer households.

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After Eight

The practical snack on the go in the Impulse Pack was developed during various innovation workshops.



The new, global packaging system for baby soothers from the NUK brand impresses with a lot of added value for the consumer.



Brand strategy work to the point – from logo to packaging design for the brand company Rügenfisch.


Idena PBS

B+P Creality developed the new brand + packaging design for the Idena brand for the family-owned company Iden.

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An innovative product and packaging concept was developed for the new Wagner “Rustipani” product range.

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Packaging Design what is that?

Packaging design is nowadays an important factor for successful products. The quality of a product is still important, but it is the packaging that quite often tempts a potential customer to make a purchase decision. With products that are attractively packaged, we automatically assume that there must also be something good behind it. Important factors are, for example, size, shape and handiness of a product. Furthermore, color, typography and graphic elements of the packaging play an important role.
The aim is to create a homogeneous unit of packaging, product and effect and thus to create a unique selling proposition and a recognition value for the brand and the product.

What is important for a good packaging design?

But how to achieve this goal? First of all, you have to keep in mind that there are different types of buyers. The easiest to influence is the "impulse buyer," since he chooses a product solely on the basis of its packaging. You can encourage him to buy with exciting packaging, appealing colors and individual slogans. There is also the habitual buyer. They rarely pay attention to new products and usually stick to the tried and true. For this target group, it is important, among other things, not to constantly change the design of a brand. Once the customer has identified with a brand and the product, it is important to maintain the brand image in order to retain the consumer as a customer. In addition to these two target groups, the "bargain hunter" can also be cited as an example. His goal is the best possible offer in terms of price. This target group is constantly on the lookout for promotions and the opportunity to save.

Is packaging design only optics?

Of course, it is first and foremost the visual appearance that determines whether your product stands out on the shelf or not. The logo or the colors of your brand, i.e. the brand design, should in any case be reflected in your packaging, and product information and marketing aspects should be given equal attention.

Emotions play another important role in packaging design, as our feelings can ultimately inspire us to buy. The wording must be given priority here and also adapted to the target group.

Haptics also play a major role in packaging. If the packaging appears to be of high quality, it is often assumed that the content also corresponds to this quality. For example, glossy relief coatings can be used to highlight individual elements of the packaging not only visually but also haptically. In addition, special promotions or "special editions" should always be highlighted separately when designing in order to once again suggest the special relevance of the product to the customer. Last but not least, legal requirements must of course be observed. Depending on the type of product, appropriate information and notes must be placed on the packaging.

The relevance of packaging design for successful marketing

Who are we? What do we stand for and what added value does the product have for our customers? The packaging of a product must answer all these questions and, in conjunction with the brand-specific design (brand design), ensure that consumers are stimulated to take notice of the offer. The right package design sets your product apart from all others and ensures that it stands out against the strong and diverse competition on the market. Often, a strong package design replaces an entire advertising campaign and determines whether or not your offer will stay in the minds of consumers. Almost everything in today's world revolves around aesthetics, appearance and individuality. If you want to stand out, creativity counts, you have to be different; to be special. At Berndt + Partner Creality, our mission is to bring out this individuality in your products, creating a unique experience for your customers. Buyers want to be stimulated by the packaging of the products they buy. Achieving this together with you is our great goal.

How can you benefit from our experience and make your packaging stand out from the competition?

If you want to make your product stand out among the multitude of offers, make the purchase of your product a unique experience and retain your customers in the long term, then let us advise you! Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of packaging, innovation and packaging design. We will accompany you from the brainstorming to the conceptual design to the implementation of the ideas!

We look forward to a successful cooperation.

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