Maggi Food Travel Würzpasten

International, fresh and delicious – that’s the new innovative Maggi product range under the “Maggi Food Travel” umbrella. These are seasoning pastes that now bring consumers even more creativity, variety and convenience in the kitchen. And so much innovation must of course also be reflected in the packaging design.


Recently, B+P Creality had developed and designed the new subbrand “Maggi Food Travel” together with Maggi. This has since been the home for cleverly designed, spice-based, international specialties that can be prepared easily and quickly at home. The novel Food Travel product range of seasoning pastes has now been on the market since the middle of last year.


The “Maggi Food Travel seasoning pastes” are inspired by international worlds of taste from Asia, the Orient and Italy and bring international dishes and lots of creativity and variety into the consumer’s own 4 walls with natural ingredients. The range currently includes 6 different varieties, whose recipes already combine all the ingredients and spices needed for a perfectly balanced dish. The seasoning pastes are added during the preparation of the fresh ingredients and mix ideally thanks to the pasty texture to a delicious dish.


This much product innovation had to be transferred into the packaging design in an appealing way for the intended buyers. The design development focused on the following 3 criteria:


1. International
The subbrand name “Maggi Food Travel” promises a journey into the fascinating world of spices and the associated exciting taste experiences from faraway country kitchens. Authentic-looking fonts and characteristic colors that evoke associations with exotic spice markets serve here as a transferring vehicle from brand and product claim to visually perceptible design. In addition, the motto of the “Taste Journey” is clearly illustrated by the familiar food travel postmark and by the key visual of the stamp, which serves as an attention-grabbing surface for the product or variety name.

2. Frisch
The seasoning paste product concept complements the classic segment of Maggi recipe solutions in a modern, fresh way and provides even more variety in the home kitchen. The small, practical and contemporary stand-up pouches support the communication of this claim to freshness appeal, as do the striking color scheme and the effective and fresh presentation of the dishes.

3. Lecker
There is no way around an appealing presentation of the product or the serving suggestion. The food shots of the “Maggi Food Travel seasoning paste range” meet this requirement impressively and simply whet the appetite! But take a look and see for yourself.


The fascinating world of “Maggi Food Travel” also continues to grow: Also already introduced to the market are “Maggi Food Travel Fixes” in the proven grainy format. A range of varieties that takes us once through the entire world of exciting taste experiences.

And Maggi is also expanding the promising product concept of seasoning pastes: Under the newly developed sub-brand umbrella “Maggi Herzensküche” (Maggi Heart Cuisine), developed together with Maggi, a product range was launched along more delicious traditional dishes.