Packaging Design Bavaria Blu

The dairy company “Bergader” is one of the best-known producers of cheese and other dairy products in Germany. We developed a brand and design strategy to pave the way for comprehensive relaunch measures around the Bergader brand umbrella. This strategy aimed to establish and visualise “Bergader” as a clearly recognisable sender of all previously independent product brands in the portfolio. The successively planned implementation of the brand and design strategy began along with the packaging design relaunch of the “Bavaria Blu” product range.

Without doubt, the “Bavaria Blu” brand is one of the most prominent products in the portfolio. In the course of comprehensive relaunch measures, which primarily aim to increase the corporate brand “Bergader”, a new graphic design concept was developed and implemented for Bavaria Blu.

In addition to the strong new integration of the umbrella brand logo “Bergader” and a revision of the Bergader mountain scenario, the correspondingly redesigned packaging design for the Bavaria Blu range features above all a fresher, more contemporary and tasty product presentation as well as a clearer differentiation between the various types of cheese, including an orientation system with regard to the taste intensity of the various cheeses.

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