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Bergader mountain farmer slice cheese - new background, new design

Bergader Bergbauern Scheibenkäse has been delighting consumers for more than a century with its sometimes spicy-tart, sometimes mild-fine taste. It has a long tradition – and yet the packaging design had to change a little. The mountain farmer who originally adorned the packaging of the cheese slices could no longer be depicted in this way. He is no longer part of the Bergader farming community. This was a good reason to make a small design lift. Berndt+Partner Creality dared to implement it.

Wherever it says Bergader Käse on it, there must of course also be a real mountain farmer, but one who really belongs to it. The former character head of the packaging design of the slice of cheese has left the Bergader farming community. Thus, the customer gave us the order to design the packaging with a new farmer and also to use the adaptation to choose and implement the landscape in the background more beautifully. Nevertheless, none of the traditional charm of the popular mountain farmer’s slice cheese was to be lost, so as not to cause unnecessary confusion among consumers. It was important to the client that consumers should not have any doubts about the identity of the producer as well as the quality of the product when they saw the adapted packaging.

With this in mind, our designers were concerned with wrapping the tried and true in a new garment. In order to preserve the traditional, we adopted green as the shield color, but in a different, much lighter shade. The format of the sign is now more straightforward and therefore more modern. A look at the background reveals a now more open, freer meadow – with a much more strongly staged Watzmann mountain than before, which impressively underlines the BERGbauern aspect. In return, the cows are somewhat less present, but are presented grazing peacefully. The working farmer on the left edge and the clear typography in the center act as eye-catchers, while the elements around them frame the central points extremely successfully.

Bergader Scheibenkäse Packaging Designs Range Berndt und Partner Creality

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