Package Design Sonax Antifrost

The development of the new, round bottle system for Sonax’s 3L windscreen cleaner quickly became the company’s most successful new product launch. Against the background of the ever-increasing demands for ecologically sustainable packaging systems, the next step was to develop a corresponding, holistic Eco Pack Design.

Verpackungsdesign Sonax
Packaging Design Sonax
Package Design Sonax

Based on a well-founded Eco Design analysis, the various criteria for the orientation and design of an ecologically sustainable packaging were closely examined and evaluated. The Eco Design goal of optimizing the use of resources was followed by an idea study, which primarily considered packaging ideas with minimized material usage.

Verpackungsdesign Sonax
Verpackungsentwicklung Sonax

At the end of our development work, a 3L stand-up pouch was developed, which adopted the characteristic round design of the successfully operating 3L bottle as well as its convenient handling. In the case of the latter, the side-mounted spout and the opposite handle were transferred, thus ensuring the practical, targeted use of the windscreen cleaner. A consistent alternative for users who want to use the usual Sonax quality with a better conscience towards our environment.

Packaging Design Sonax Antifrost
Verpackungsdesign Sonax Antifrost

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