Together with Maggi, the new subbrand “Food Travel” was developed and designed, which will in future be the roof for ingeniously conceived, spice-based specialities. The starting point will be a range of 5 Instant Cup varieties on the one hand and the “Deine Prise (Your Pinch)” range with 4 high-quality spice blends on the other.


In terms of design, all products are characterized by the use of authentic, region-specific colors, patterns and images as well as extremely appetizing depictions of exotic dishes and spices.

The spice blends of “Deine Prise” are filled in high-quality wide-neck containers made of white glass, which in turn are packed in display-strong folding boxes to stand out from the supermarket shelves at the start of sales.

The Instant Cup products are offered in black plastic cups with a sealed membrane that the consumer has learned to use. However, the shape of the cup deviates from the standard and, with its shape-changing aesthetics (square base, round mouth), meets the high demands of the range for differentiation and individualization.

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