Packaging Design Wagner Rustipani

New product and packaging concept for Nestlé Wagner

An innovative product and packaging concept was developed for the new Rustipani product range of the Nestlé brand Wagner. With Rustipani, the pizza manufacturer Wagner has now launched a topped bread as a snack, which is heated in the oven just like pizza.

The desire to communicate the new product – the bread – clearly over the package resulted in an innovative packaging for the freezer shelf.

The folding box shows the topped bread from above on a rustic wooden board, but has an open window on the front that opens the view to the inner bag – the bread bag. This is to emphasize the rustic character of the product and the bakery world. The result clearly shows how structural design and graphic design are intertwined, resulting in a packaging concept that is holistically oriented towards the product.

Verpackungsdesign Wagner Rustipani
Package Design Wagner Rustipani

A technological challenge in the project was that the packaging had to be converted into a new packaging line without major investment and is now produced on a decommissioned pizza line. With the new packaging concept, only format adjustments had to be made to the packaging machines.

Packaging Design Wagner Rustipani
Packaging Design Rustipani

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