THOMY oils in fresh, modern, lively and cheerful design

Our last episode of the THOMY design relaunch saga is about the oils of the popular brand. We also sent these products to the beauty salon, so to speak, and gave them a new, fresh look – again, of course, in accordance with the brand’s adapted CI specifications. The THOMY oils, like the other products from the popular manufacturer’s wide range, now present themselves in a more modern, lively and cheerful way.

The new look of the oil bottles incorporates the central design elements that also feature the other relaunched THOMY products, such as the popular Hollandaise sauce in the bottle as well as the mustard tubes and Tetra Pak sauces: In addition to the characteristic cloud, the creative illustrations, expressive colors and friendly fonts in particular stand out.

Basically, the packaging design of the oils appears clear and tidy, but without missing the typical THOMY family charm and playful touch. In a few simple words, the look could be described as clear and inviting. Thus, the packaging fulfills what THOMY envisioned for the modernized design.

Here are the most important visual aspects in detail:

– striking THOMY logo in dark blue on a yellow background
– white cloud with the designation of the respective oil type in dark blue (“Pure Sunflower Oil”, “Pure Rapeseed Oil”)
– attractive illustrations of plants (sunflowers in the case of sunflower oil, rapeseed in the case of canola oil)
– references to health-promoting ingredients in white on a red background (“Rich in Vitamin C” in the case of sunflower oil, “Rich in Omega 3” in the case of rapeseed oil)
– vivid, clear colors
– fonts that radiate looseness and serenity
– high transparency, which makes the oil itself directly visible

The main color, which always includes the glass of the bottle, differs depending on the type of oil. While the sunflower oil comes in yellow gold, the rapeseed oil appears in green. This feature supports the desired differentiation on the shelf and makes it easier for consumers to allocate and select.

All in all, the oil bottles embody what THOMY has always stood for – high culinary enjoyment with little effort on the part of the consumer when using or preparing the food. Compared to the previous one, the new design is even more expressive and altogether more modern. It helps THOMY to continue to stand out on the shelf from its numerous competitors and thus attract attention – both from consumers who have long been convinced THOMY fans, as well as from those consumers who have not (yet) established “their” brand.

By refreshing the packaging design, the THOMY oils and also all other products from the extensive range of the brand appear absolutely contemporary again. But despite the recognizable changes, the core characteristics of the brand continue to be fully effective.

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