Online Shopping Behaviour


The questions of in what time frame and to what extent shopping for FMCG products has shifted to the online sector have been moving for quite some time, especially from the packaging point of view. A recently published study by KPMG offers at least an approach for further answers (Source: Online-Shopping, KPMG, May 2019).

  1. The trend in online spending is strongly increasing.
  • Generation Z spends more than half of its money online.
  • And even two thirds of baby boomers seem to be discovering online ordering more and more for themselves.
  1. The stationary trade continues to enjoy great popularity.
  • The greater the security needs of shoppers in terms of advice, on-site experience, etc., the more stationary shopping is preferred.
  1. Enormous potential for online food shopping
  • Almost every second non-buyer is open-minded about buying food and beverages online.
  • And just under a quarter of those surveyed already regularly or occasionally order food / beverages online.

Interpretation and outlook from the packaging point of view

Even though the focus of online purchases continues to be on non-food products, the trend towards online shopping continues to rise. Along this establishment process, online shoppers are expected to have increasing expectations of the entire ordering and delivery process – and thus of the packaging processes and packaging used. A corresponding further development of the transport packaging used will take place in the short term, especially with regard to the following two points:

  • flexible use of packaging with regard to the quantity and size of the product to be shipped when shipping the package
  • Confirmation of purchase and product presentation upon receipt and opening of the package.

Due to the constantly changing shopping behaviour of shoppers, it seems to be only a matter of time before food and beverages are also purchased more regularly online. Exciting changes with regard to the then required performance of packaging – transport packaging as well as product packaging – will accompany this, but also changes to the processes of classic stationary retailing itself.

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