Striking premium at the P.O.S.


Premium in the right light

The Rémy Martin brand from Rémy Cointreau is located in the premium segment and is one of the world’s most renowned brands for cognac. In the USA Rémy Cointreau faced the problem that the existing product “Rémy Martin V” could not assert itself at the PoS. Brand, product name and product information were difficult to decipher. In addition, the design of the packaging in no way underscored the premium positioning of the brand.

In order to fundamentally change this unsatisfactory situation, Rémy Cointreau commissioned the glba-New York agency to rebrand a new product for the US market: “Rémy Martin V Eau-de-vie”.

The rebranding objective for glba-New York (alias Ceradini Brand Design) was to create a packaging that would communicate the “spirit” of Rémy V to shoppers and consumers on the one hand and at the same time enable easy identification and recognition of brand and product values on the other.

The new design is based on frosted glass and a silver label on which the “V” of the product name accentuates and powerfully stands out in red. The newly integrated silver paper label and the new die-cut foil embossing improve shelf penetration and at the same time communicate the highly prestigious heritage of the Rémy brand.

As part of the contract, glba-New York also designed the promotional packaging for the “Signature Glass Collection” by Rémy V. Here, too, the red “V” is prominently highlighted in the brand name. In the drinking glass of the promotional pack, glba-New York integrated a cold sensor system as a special added value and “eye-catcher”. As the temperature falls, i.e. when ice cubes are added to the drink, the white “V” on the glass initially turns red, while the white “Fabulous” lettering initially turns black.

The bottle and promotional package were launched in 2017.


Agency: glba-New York (Ceradini Brand Design)

Responsible: David Ceradini, Founder and Executive Creative Director

Client / Brand: Rémy Martin / Rémy Martin V


David Ceradini studied at the Pratt Institute, where he graduated with honors. As an experienced creative director, he can now look back on more than 25 years of professional experience. Prior to founding Ceradini Brand Design, David worked for a number of leading branding agencies in New York City. In addition to his agency work, David Ceradini is a board member of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts).

Ceradini Brand Design is a boutique design and branding agency dedicated to helping brand manufacturers build and strengthen their brands. Its work follows the principles of touching consumers’ hearts, stimulating their senses and motivating their purchasing decisions. The agency’s portfolio includes brand insights, strategy consulting and design.

The Global Local Branding Alliance (glba) is a worldwide network of leading packaging and brand agencies. The network was initiated in 2013 by the Berlin agency Berndt+Partner and has partners in Shanghai, New York, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Moscow and Berlin.