We did it again!


It seems as if we have done a lot right with our packaging design of the “Maggi Würzquickies”:

This is the second time the design has won an award, this time with the German Design Award.

The German Design Award is one of the most established design competitions worldwide and honours outstanding, innovative and creative designs both nationally and internationally.

More information on the award-winning Maggi design can be found below:

With the new, very innovative product line “Würzquickies” Maggi is going completely new ways and appeals to younger target groups with these spice mixtures.

Each of the 4 varieties is represented by an individual character: e.g. “Ernie Egg” for egg dishes or “Paula Potato” for baked potatoes or comparable potato dishes.

The lovingly worked out illustrations to the characters and a cheeky text concept create a completely new product experience and underline Maggi’s claim to contemporary spice competence.

The young and cheeky illustration and text concept is certainly a real eye-catcher for Maggi as well as for the spice and mixed spice shelves. But also the use of the repackaging folding box is worth mentioning. The folding boxboard is used from the outside to the inside: The natural, matt side on the outside conveys a natural, rough feeling and the glossy, coated side on the inside – also due to the full-surface design and printing – ensures a great moment of aha when opening. In addition, there is a punched viewing window through which contact with the glass spice shaker can be established.

Und noch ein kurzes Wort zum Textkonzept: Diese wurde für jede Sorte individuell und passend zu den jeweiligen Charakteren erstellt. Mehr Lust bei der Lektüre von Packungsinformationen geht nicht!